For some reason, I worked as an SAP basis consultant. The FICO consultant asked me to allow her open posting periods on SAP production client as the PRD client is not modifiable. I will tell you how to achieve this.

find the relevant table of this T-code

The T-code they want to run on production client is OB52.

Run this T-code and find the technical information of one record.


The table name is V_T001B_COFI, and if you know FICO well, you will know there is another table V_T001B_COFIB also related to this T-Code.

Table maintain dialog

Run the T-code SE54


Change the Recording routing to no.


If you can’t change the option above, please use SCC4 to shortly allow you make changes on QAS.

if not working, use SOBJ

For some other reason, this didn’t work well, you should use the T-code SOBJ to selected the current settings option.